The Ins and outs of an Auto Accident Lawsuit

The Ins and outs of an Auto Accident Lawsuit

An auto accident can be minor or it can life-changing. If you’re injured in an automobile accident, you’re going to experience pain and suffering, medical bills that pile up, and you might even miss work or lose your ability to earn a living if you cannot return to work. How do you pay the bills? How do you afford to pay for the lifelong medical care you might need? You might not want to file a personal injury lawsuit, but you might be owed damages that make you call an attorney.

Filing a Lawsuit 

The first order of business is calling an attorney who will help you with your personal injury case. Your attorney will find the evidence, make a case, and the other party’s insurance agency is notified of the lawsuit. What you must know about a personal injury lawsuit is that it might settle quickly if the at-fault party wants to avoid court. Otherwise, it might take years of court proceedings, motions, and other issues.

Seeking Medical Care 

If you are injured in an auto accident, you might not realize it immediately. Many injuries are internal, which means you might not see it happen right away. It’s imperative you see your doctor or any doctor immediately. If you do have injuries you don’t see right away, you must know that seeing a doctor right away helps any personal injury case you might consider filing.

Signing Documents 

Never sign a document if your attorney hasn’t looked at it first. Insurance companies aren’t looking to give you more than they need to, and they’re really looking to find a way to give you nothing. If the at-fault party’s insurance company asks you to sign a medical release form, do not sign it. It’s not necessary. You need only give them access to your current medical files related only to your accident injuries. Signing a release allows them to check your medical records from birth, which can cause them to argue your injuries were caused by something else that happened to you.


If you want to settle, the insurance company might offer you a lump sum. You must know what will happen if you take payment, if you decide not to fight, and if you accept a payment too early. It’s not uncommon for you to learn you are far more injured than you thought after a few weeks, so call your attorney if a settlement is offered.

No two personal injury lawsuits are the same. You cannot know what might happen with yours, but you should know what it’s like, how it works, and the most important aspects of any good lawsuit. Your job is to stay focused on what is important to you, which is your health and recovery. Let your attorney do the rest.

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