How to Start a New Career

How to Start a New Career

The career that you choose in your late teens or early 20s may not be the career that you want to stick with for the next 40 to 50 years of your life or more. Many adults decide to start a new career at some point, and some even have three or four careers over the course of their working years. While starting a new career is relatively common, it is not something to rush into. These steps will help you to launch a new career successfully.

Research Career Options
Before you decide with certainty which career path you want to follow going forward, you need to research the options. Through your research, you may learn that the required education and experience, the work hours or something else is not desirable about one career path. You may find another path that is more suitable for your interests and goals. Understand the income, education and other pertinent factors before deciding how to proceed.

Get Educated
In many cases, the education needed to pursue a career path in an entirely new direction requires you to obtain a new career or at least a new certification. The training and education required may take you several months or years to complete. You need to line up financing and decide how you will support your lifestyle in the meantime.

Gain New Experiences
In most fields, employers commonly look for a job candidate who has the right combination of education and experience. After you obtain the required education for the job that you want to pursue, you may still need to obtain experience in your field. You can tackle this in different ways, such as by volunteering within the field to get experience or by working in an entry-level position for a period of time.

Start Networking
While you are getting new experiences in your desired field, start networking to get your feet wet in the industry. Your college professors or certification instructors may be great contacts as well. Your contacts in the industry may help you to find a job, or they may even offer you a job directly after you have the right combination of education and experience.

Starting a new career is not something to rush into. This is a life-changing decision that has ramifications on how you spend your days, how fulfilling your life is, how much free time you have and even the type of lifestyle that you can enjoy. Spend ample time researching all of the options thoroughly so that you can decide the best path to pursue. When you take your time researching and making this important decision, you can proceed more confidently through the other initial steps to pursue a new career.

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