How To Use Glass Bottles In Your Everyday Life

How To Use Glass Bottles In Your Everyday Life

On a daily basis, you may buy beverages, food or other products that are in glass bottles. A glass bottle is often a basic shape, but in some cases, it is a unique shape with colored glass instead of clear glass. You might feel bad about throwing a glass bottle away, so you can learn how to recycle it.

Glass Bottle Recycling Tip 1: Make a Gorgeous Lamp 

With the right types of cutting tools, you can create a gorgeous lamp. This is a perfect project for a larger glass bottle that has a wide base. You will need to cut a tiny hole toward the bottom of the bottle so that the electric cord is exposed, making it easier to plug in the lamp. At the top of the bottle, you will need to cut away the opening to attach a holder for a light bulb.

Glass Bottle Recycling Tip 2: Create Beautiful Sand Art 

You can create beautiful sand art with a glass bottle by using different colors of sand. Buy small bags of colorful sand at a hobby store so that you can layer the sand in an abstract way inside the glass bottle. You can also add small objects such as seashells into the layers of sand to make a piece of art that is suitable for a bookshelf or a windowsill.

Glass Bottle Recycling Tip 3: Homemade Dish Soap Dispenser 

If you want to have an attractive container for homemade dish soap, then you can reuse a glass bottle. Wash the labels off of the bottle before visiting a hobby store to buy a plastic pump that will dispense the dish soap into your sink. Learn how to make dish soap at home with natural products so that you can fill the glass bottle to use it for the substance.

Glass Bottle Recycling Tip 4: Unique Flower Vase 

When you have a glass bottle that has an etched base, you can reuse it as a flower vase. You will need to use a glass-cutting tool to remove the top of the bottle, and you will need to sand the sharp edge of the remaining section of the bottle to avoid any cuts. After the top of the cut section of bottle is smooth, you can use it as a beautiful flower vase.

Glass Bottle Recycling Tip 5: Candleholders For Your Home 

You can create an attractive ambience in your home with glass candleholders on the tables or fireplace mantel. Rather than spending a fortune on store-bought candleholders, make your own with glass bottles. You can use your cutting tool to cut away the top section of the bottle to create a base for a candle.

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