About Us

NK newscast started life in a Seattle schoolyard in the early nineties. It was the where founders Scott Kenyon and Hardie Patterson met each other.

Quickly, they became friends and their shared interest in the world around them and newsworthy events prompted them to create their very own school newspaper.

Because it faced stiff opposition in the form of the school’s own, established, newspaper, this was a risky enterprise.

Between them, they researched, wrote, designed, sold advertising for, printed and then distributed their very own publication.

To their amazement, it was a success and soon they were regularly producing copies – and continued to do so until they graduated. (The paper is still going to this day as well!)

Fast forward two decades and the pair have founded NK Newscast, one of the most fast moving internet marketing news sites around.

Our team are constantly on the lookout for the next trend and the latest developments in the world of media and marketing and interested in finding talented writers to help voice them.

We are always interested in fresh opinions and new ideas and positively welcome contributions from writers, both experienced and new.

In addition to our exciting news site, we also publish a monthly newsletter and have over 5000 subscribers, many of whom are industry experts.

We are not only interested in reporting on the developments and happenings in the world of media, we want to be a part of them. That is what drives our passion for the media.

Marketing and the media are vital forces in the world and we are interested that they can be harnessed, for good.

Making a change and a positive difference to people’s lives is what it is all about and we like to take our position of privilege seriously, when it comes to using the media responsibly.

We hope you will join us in our desire to change the world from within!