7 Tips for Overcoming Presentation Anxiety

7 Tips for Overcoming Presentation Anxiety

When it comes time to give a presentation for any reason, anxiety is likely to run rampant at some point or another. If you are preparing for an upcoming presentation and struggling to overcome your own presentation anxiety, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to minimize or eliminate your anxiety from disrupting you altogether.

Thoroughly Research Your Presentation’s Topic

Before it is possible to give a successful presentation, conducting thorough research is a must. Understanding the ins and outs of any topic you are speaking on or presenting on is a way to boost your confidence and self-esteem when speaking or lecturing in front of others.

Watch Similar Presentations

Spend time watching similar presentations online relevant to the subjects and topics you want to cover. Watching others give their presentations is optimal to learn new methods and techniques of communicating the points you have in mind.

Practice on Your Own

Practice giving your speech and presentation in front of a mirror, observing your movements and gestures throughout. The more you practice on your own, the easier it becomes to pinpoint your strong areas and other areas you want to improve on before giving your presentation in front of others.

Record Yourself

Record yourself using a smartphone or digital camera to see how you present yourself when no one is watching. Emulate the same actions repeatedly to appear confident, even if you are extremely nervous and anxious in front of the crowd who is viewing your presentation.

Rehearse in Front of Family Members and Friends

Spend time rehearsing your upcoming presentation in front of trusted family members and friends you feel most comfortable around. Rehearsing in front of those you know helps to alleviate stress and anxiety related to presentations.

Incorporate Breathing Exercises Into Your Daily Routine

Incorporating breathing exercises and even meditation into your daily routine is highly advisable regardless of the severity of your anxiety or panic attacks. Breathing exercises have a physiological effect on the body, helping to physically calm the nerves while providing the mind a sense of relief from anxiety altogether.

Avoid Potential Anxiety Triggers

Avoid potential anxiety triggers such as alcohol, drugs, and other medications that may cause additional panic attacks and anxiety as an adverse effect, especially in the days leading up to your presentation.

The more in-tune you become with your body and its responses to stress and anxiety, the easier it is to tackle challenges and obstacles you face in everyday situations involving an audience or the public. Understanding how to effectively overcome any type of presentation anxiety is a way for you to ensure you are making the most out of the effort you put into any of your projects.

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