6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Plan

6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Plan
These days, many people are ready to abandon the world of sedentary living and pursue a more active lifestyle that will entail health and happiness. If this is the case for you, it’s important to note that there are multiple strategies that you can deploy to jump start your fitness plan. Here are six of them:

1. Develop SMART Goals. 

As noted in “6 Ways To Fire Up Your Workout Motivation,” creating a concrete future goal can be the “kick in the pants” an individual needs to remain on track to growth in the fitness sector. Goals are great because they help you fine-tune both your objective and all of the steps you’ll need to take to realize it. When you set your fitness goals, make sure that they are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Specific. An example of a good fitness-related SMART goal would be “I will lift weights for thirty minutes three times each week to lose four pounds per month.”

2. Join Your Local Gym. 

Unfortunately, most people do not attain and maintain the level of internal motivation necessary to remain on a fitness plan. As such, attaining external motivation is immensely important if you’re serious about making exercise an integral component of your lifestyle forever. With this reality in mind, make sure that you consider the value of joining your local gym so you can attain motivational encouragement and support from other fitness-minded people and group fitness instructors.

3. Hire A Personal Trainer. 

Another great strategy you can deploy to jump start your fitness plan is hiring a personal trainer. This technique is immensely important because a good personal trainer will have the extensive knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to create a customized, cutting edge exercise program that will empower you to realize your fitness goals. And as with joining the gym, hiring a personal trainer will provide you with a source of external motivation that keeps you on track to continual growth during moments of demotivation or disinterest with exercise.

4. Create A Meal Plan. 

If you really want to jump start your fitness plan, make sure that you create a meal plan for yourself. As noted in Nerd Fitness, diet is about 80-90% of the battle in terms of getting fit. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that your diet provides you with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary to help you maintain the energy necessary to work out efficiently. If you’re not familiar with the world of nutrition, you may want to hire a dietitian or wellness coach to put together a customized meal plan on your behalf. You can also use free online tools like www.cronometer.com to log in what you eat each day so you can carefully analyze things such as macronutrient/micronutrient ratios and caloric intake.

5. Make The Fitness Routine Holistic. 

One big mistake many people make when implementing a fitness routine is failing to make the program holistic. Note that while you may love cardio, weight-lifting, or stretching, the best fitness program will incorporate all three activities. By making each of these three forms of exercise an integral component of your fitness plan, you can see substantive results faster while also decreasing the experience of boredom that often transpires when people do the same physical activities over and over again.

6. Start Meditating.

Meditating is a wonderful way to jump start your fitness plan because it maximizes your ability to stay focused and positive as you begin your exercise journey. One particularly powerful form of meditation you may want to consider is the mantra. With this form, you can recite words of encouragement or positivity within yourself. Examples would include “I can do it” and “I am enough.”

Jump start Your Fitness Plan Now!

If you’re serious about leading a healthy, happy life, exercising consistently is a must. To ensure that you can get and remain on the road to optimized fitness, utilize the strategies and suggestions outlined above!

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