6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate for a Summer Wedding

6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate for a Summer Wedding
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Your wedding is this summer, but your budget isn’t very friendly or forgiving. No fear, there are ways to still make your wedding day special and personal. When you assemble your team of friends and family together, this day is going to be covered with no worries. Your support system is your biggest asset to accomplish a budget friendly summer wedding. If you go with a dressy but casual, outdoor wedding, it can be done!

1. The Flowers
Instead of pricey nursery flowers, use wild flowers. Keep your eye out for areas that there are tons of wild flowers for the picking. The mason jar is overused, so think beyond and use a collection of pitchers for centerpieces or clear glass vases. Your friends and family will be able to supply with a vast variety of pitchers that will give your wedding a festive and welcoming feel.

2. The Venue
Why pay for a venue, when you can use one for free? You have plenty of choices to choose from ranging from a neighbor’s pool, a friend’s pond, and a family member’s garden. Other options include beside a barn, in a large yard, and using a really cool outdoor staircase. Your venue can have all the atmosphere without all the cost!

3. The Rentals
Renting a tent is quite pricey and unnecessary because once again you are going to rely on your team of friends and family. Borrow a bunch of 10×10 tents and set them up side by side to create a larger tent for shade for your guests. Use some material to wrap the outer edge of the tent to unify them, if wanted.

4. The Music
Think through your list of friends and see who plays the acoustic guitar, the fiddle, or any other instrument that can easily be transported to an outdoor space for the wedding. Their wedding gift to you, can be using their talents for festivities. You may even have a special song for someone to sing.

5. The Meal
You can have your wedding in between the traditional meal times such as 2PM, and just serve refreshments to cut the costs. You could also have a potluck wedding where all the guest bring a dish, while you supply the wedding cake and punch.

6. The decorations
You know which of your friends have green thumbs. Enlist them to help you with potted plants and hanging flower baskets. They have plenty to share with you, and will love to be a part of your special day.

Gather your wedding team of friends and family; count on them to help you through the planning process for your special day. Your wedding will be even more special, because you will be surrounded by those who love you the most. So no matter your budget, where there is a will, there is a way! You can have a special budget-friendly summer wedding that will not break the bank.

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