5 Questions to Ask When Buying Cigars for the First Time

5 Questions to Ask When Buying Cigars for the First Time

There is a cultural change taking place in society. While the number of people smoking cigarettes has drastically declined, cigars have increased in popularity. But, before you purchase your first cigars there are important questions to ask.

01 What is the difference between a cigar and a cigarette?

Cigarettes do not vary in size like cigars. In the US, cigarettes are manufactured using a wide variety of blends. Cigars normally use tobacco that is air-cured and fermented. Cigarettes use paper to wrap the tobacco. Cigars employ a tobacco leaf. Cigarette smoke is inhaled. Cigar smokers do not inhale smoke from large and medium sized cigars. Smaller cigars may be the exception, and for that reason, have a filter like cigarettes.

02 Are cigars safer than cigarettes? 

The common belief among smokers is that cigars are less harmful to your health than cigarettes. To become better educated on the consequences of smoking. Generally speaking, smoking of any kind involves a health risk. First-time cigar smokers must consider the degree to which they will actually smoke. If the answer is in moderation with a full understanding of health concerns then cigar smoking is like many other activities in which people participate knowing the risks.

03 Can I import Cuban cigars into the United States? 

Cuban cigars are well-known as the best money can buy. However, since the embargo in the early sixties, Americans were forbidden from importing them. In 2016, the restrictions relaxed and Americans could purchase and bring back from abroad up to $150 worth of cigars. Today, there is no limit to how many cigars US citizens import (along with Cuban rum with which to enjoy those cigars). Goods must be for personal use only.

04 What spirits go best with cigars?

Whiskey or cognac, the combination of cigars and spirits is personal. Bourbon is a popular choice for cigar aficionados who generally prefer a cigar made with tobacco that is fire-cured meaning that a portion of the tobacco was dried in a barn using burning wood. The smoke infuses the leaves leading for a unique taste when smoked with Bourbon provides the perfect compliment.

05 How do I store my cigars?

You can keep cigars fresh by storing them properly. Many people use a humidor (made of cedar) that regulates the temperature and humidity cigars need to stay in good condition. A smaller supply of cigars may be kept in either a plastic bag or tub in which a damp cloth is placed at the opening of the bag. Regardless of the quantity, it is best that the cigars remain in its original packaging when traveling.

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