5 Essential Items You Need in Your Summer Wardrobe

5 Essential Items You Need in Your Summer Wardrobe

With a change of season often comes a change in the weather. Stylish people often shop for new clothes as the weather warms up or cools off. In summertime, there are several items that every fashionable person needs in his or her closet. Read on for five essential clothing staples for summer.

To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, invest in at least one quality pair of shades. Or, if you can afford multiple pairs, buy one economy brand for everyday wear and a more expensive one for special occasions. The best shades will not only protect your eyes, but they will look good with your new summer apparel. A simple pair of black or brown shades goes good with any outfit.

T-shirts are essential for the hot days of summer. If you buy a quality brand, you can even dress up a t-shirt by wearing it beneath a suit jacket. A ribbed t-shirt in a thick cotton blend also looks nice with both jeans and chinos.

If you live in an especially hot climate, you must wear shorts in summer. The type you choose will be based on your personal taste. Longer shorts, such as Bermudas or capris, are never out of style. Longer shorts might even be appropriate to wear to work in some business-casual environments. Many people prefer short shorts for beach wear and casual outings. Regardless of length or type, shorts are a must-have for summer.

No shoe says summer like a nice pair of sandals. They are great for beach trips. They are also suited for casual work environments. Ladies can wear heeled sandals with dresses or even jeans. For men, a pair of leather sandals works well with both dress pants and shorts. If you’re unsure about what to wear to a beach wedding, consider purchasing a new pair of sandals.

Lightweight Pants
Summer is not the season for wool pants or heavy denim. Fortunately, many brands produce pants in lighter fabrics. Opt for thinner fabrics, such as silk, satin or muslin. You could also choose a nice pair of ankle-length pants to pair with your sandals.

The warm weather of summer usually means an excuse to go shopping for a nice set of new clothes. Don’t miss you opportunity to stock up on shorts, lightweight pants, t-shirts, sunglasses and sandals.

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