4 Occasions to Give Out Challenge Coins

4 Occasions to Give Out Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small, stylized tokens that are used to signify some personal achievement, usually while in service with a country’s military, or for arriving at certain sites. Beyond serving as a sort of merit badge, challenge coins are used to raise morale within a group and commonly plied toward good-natured drinking games. While there are is a large list of challenge coins, this article will be focusing on four moments where challenge coins have been commonly issued, normally palmed to the recipient during a handshake.

1. Promotional Items for a Crowdfunded Project

In a nod to the civilian side of coin rewards, some groups have issued challenge coins to individuals who supported an endeavor beyond the minimum point necessary to support the project. For example, Rooster Teeth is a company that was looking to fund a movie and offered the incentive of a unique challenge coin to anyone who pledged more than $50 to the project.

2. The Coin’s Holder Witnesses Someone Outperform Him

It is commonly acknowledged that when a coin-holder sees a person accomplish something in excess of the virtues and actions the coin-holder displayed to receive his coin, it is honorable for the coin-holder to pass his challenge coin off to that person individual.

3. Perform Service for a VIP

VIPs like senior officers and even the President have their own challenge coins and are free to distribute them to whomever they wish for whatever reasons they may have. While some officers are fond of purchasing their own coins out of pocket with the intention of distributing them to subordinates who go above and beyond the call of duty, such coins may not carry universal weight.

4. Signifying a Major Life Event

Many of the iconic moments of life, such as a wedding, funeral or graduation, make for acceptable moments to distribute a challenge coin. Whether the coin is used to symbolize a positive moment in a friend’s life or to honor the memory of a fallen comrade, a coin serves as a tangible memory of important days. Notably, every graduating cadet of the Air Force Academy is presented with a challenge coin.

Whether someone contributes to a project you are working on, attends your wedding as one of the groomsmen, you witness someone outdo your own actions to earn a coin or you happen to perform some professional service for a major member of the nation’s military, these events are only a handful of the reasons for a challenge coin to change hands. Truthfully, there are as many reasons to give coins as there are types of challenge coin and they all exist to commend their owners.

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