3 Reasons Why Prepaid Phones are Great for Children

3 Reasons Why Prepaid Phones are Great for Children

If you want to give your child the responsibility of owning a smartphone, prepaid options are ideal for many reasons. Not only are they economical, they also give your kid a lifeline when he or she is away from you. If they were to need you for some reason while they were at school or at a friend’s house, they’d be able to get ahold of you instantly.


Here are three reasons why prepaid phones are great for children according to Consumer Reports:


  1. There are no contracts to sign and overages to pay. You’re not stuck footing the bill for a device that no longer serves your family. With prepaid phones, you pay month-to-month and often have unlimited data plans. If your kid decides to play a video game on his or her phone, you won’t need to worry about paying extra. A prepaid phone gives you greater control of your finances.
  2. It allows you to test the water. Not every child handles the responsibility of a new gadget equally. If you’re not sure how your kid will take care of the phone that you bought for them, try a prepaid phone first. Skip all the bells and whistles by buying a device that makes calls and sends text, nothing else. You’ll learn quickly if it was a good idea or not.
  3. You’re able to keep track of your kids better because you have a way to reach them at all times. If your child has become more independent and is spending more time at school or with relatives and friends, you’ll be able to reach them whenever you need to. They won’t go to the park to play or to the library to study with friends without you knowing where they’re at. You can call them or text them whenever you need to because they now have a phone of their own.

The New York Times reported that “dumbed-down phones” are often the smartest option. They allow you to restrict usage to what the phone was first intended for, phone calls only. Without the ability to text or surf the web, kids aren’t tempted to go places they’re not supposed to visit on the net.


Prepaid phones are great for children because they allow you to monitor their usage closely. They often come with parental safety features and unlimited minutes and texts, too. You don’t need to worry about them being too hard on the phone, either, because most prepaid options are very inexpensive.

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