3 Reasons Companies Need a Virtual Private Network

3 Reasons Companies Need a Virtual Private Network

Does your company have a virtual private network (VPN)? While often marketed to consumers, this internet tunneling tool is beneficial for companies as well. If you’re hesitant to upgrade your company’s informational technology (IT) network with a VPN, consider the following three benefits that it offers.

#1) Cyber Threat Protection

Statistics show that cyber threats like hacking and data theft cost the country roughly $100 billion a year. If your company’s network is hacked, you’ll have to spend money and resources to repair your network and mitigate the damage. A VPN, however, can protect your company from cyber threats.

While there are different types of business-class VPNs, they all work by routing a company’s internet traffic through a secure, private network. Without a VPN, any data that you send or receive over the internet is vulnerable to theft. A hacker can perform a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack, for example, to intercept your company’s data packets and steal its confidential information. VPNs protect against such attacks by routing your company’s internet traffic through a private network where your data is automatically encrypted.

#2) Easily Share Files

A VPN is the perfect medium on which workers can easily share files. If your company processes large amounts of data on a regular basis, workers may struggle to share files using traditional mediums like email or USB flash drives. Both of these methods allow workers to share files, but they are slow and tedious. A VPN simplifies the process of file sharing, however, to streamline workers’ productivity. If two or more workers are collaborating on a project, they can log in to the VPN to quickly upload or download files related to the project.

#3) Avoid Regional Filters

Is your company restricted from accessing a website due to a regional filter? Not all websites or web services are available in all countries. If your company operates in a restricted country or region, you won’t be able to access the respective website or service. You can avoid this headache by using a VPN. Forbes explains that a VPN can overcome these regional filters by providing your company with a different Internet Protocol (IP) address. If you operate in the United Kingdom and are restricted from accessing a website due to a regional filter, for instance, you can use a VPN that provides a U.S.-based IP address.

Protection from cyber threats, simplified file sharing and the avoidance of regional filters are just a few reasons that companies need a VPN. After investing in a VPN, you’ll probably find other benefits offered by this versatile tool.

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